Holy Intelligence

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The holy intelligence of wisdom transcends rational intelligence in ways that cannot be conceived, liberating the presence and awareness of wisdom from rational analysis. Grace is not bound by the incapacity of thought to grasp its glory, nor luminosity of heart quenched by the failure of the mind to comprehend wisdom.  Though manifold in its subtle activities, wisdom is incisive in its unsullied lucidity and ultimately irresistible in its burning benevolence.  Steadfast love blesses hearts with its utter dependability and all-seeing omniscience, pervading all spiritual intelligence with all-embracing co-inherence.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to indwell the Son, breathing the flame of uncreated light into ineffable glorification of God.  The holy intelligence of Christ is the image and enduring likeness of God in saints who mirror the uncreated energies of wisdom and glory.

Although one, wisdom is manifold in her infusion of purified hearts, never repeating herself as she consecrates saints in glory.  Friends of God manifest many different charisms for the good of all, making all things new.  The image of goodness is the reflection of gratuitous likeness, embracing the full spectrum of ineffable completeness.  Love of wisdom transcends all fashionable philosophies, preferring the glory of completeness to the many clever ways that incompleteness disguises itself as completeness.  Uncreated light knows no night nor lack of light in uncreated glory as uncreated wisdom spreads beyond all finite boundaries, releasing fire from fire, curing fire by fire.  The beauty of wisdom is the radiance of glory in her gaze, dazzling seers with the resplendence of her holiness.  

The commonwealth of wisdom bears witness to the glory of completeness way beyond all that rational intelligence conceives.   The prudence of wisdom imparts fortitude and justice, temperance and patience with other virtues, never repeating the same personal, integral synthesis twice.  Just as no two faces are the same, so no two unveilings of God’s unveiled face are the same, wisdom being unique as well as universal.  External signs and wonders are nothing beside the signs and wonder of wisdom, inspiring elders and saints, martyred for their incisive witness.  Rulers inevitably die but the wisdom that inspires good rule is timeless, opening to glorification anew in age after age.  Prayer for wisdom is unceasing in the timeless reign of glory, sustaining saints in realms of grace, gathering seers into the embrace of wisdom that sustains glorification.