Enigmatic Wisdom

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According to the enigmatic prophecy of the Book of Revelation, wisdom was exiled from the corrupted city and its temple, fleeing into the wilderness to abide in the hallowing the Name, mothering prophecy and wedding saints in holy hiddenness. Hunted by satanic confusion and demonic division, wisdom confronted the dragon whilst her first-born son was concealed in glory, hidden within the mysteries of the throne.  God’s reign throws the dragon down from heaven, overcoming death by death, liberating heaven from hell, glorifying God in resurrection and ascension.  Descending wisdom returns as the Bride of Christ, the Holy City, chanting ‘Hallelu Yah,’ her ancient hymn of praise, glorifying God by Name.  God centres in God, restoring glory to God in the midst, wedding humanity through the incarnate, slaughtered Lamb, reminded in the Spirit, by angels, to glorify God, not angels.  The second resurrection follows the first, enthroning life in death, glorifying heaven in hell, refining fire by fire.  A new heaven and a new earth descend from heaven, revealing wisdom, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, wedding the Bride to Christ in glory forever. 

Emmanuel, ‘God-with-us,’ communicates divine-human wisdom as union and communion with angels and saints, purifying hearts in love’s flaming waters of uncreated fire.  Twelve stars crown wisdom, only to turn into twelve gates entering heaven, envisioning what cannot be imagined or conceived.  Twelve heavenly gates then turn into twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve months in every year that open to heaven on earth.  Prophecy like this, in the Book of Revelation, awakens wisdom to renew prayer in every generation, jewelled with uncreated light, crowned in uncreated glory.  God’s throne generously generates many thrones of glory in heavenly realms as wisdom replaces sun and moon in the holy city, revealing oneness of timeless well-being, openly uniting uncreated light with uncreated glory.  Utterly ineffable, prophecy speaks in largely forgotten, enigmatic riddles, a poetic language no longer spoken by most folk in a rational age, but still, today, able to sing wisdom songs of glorification.

Wisdom flows from the ineffable throne of glory, hallowing the Name of grace.  Christ-Emmanuel communicates ‘God-with-us,’ unveiling the glory of grace with ineffable speech, speech that is silent with regard to matters of fact or logical definition, but which nevertheless communicates the uncreated energy of wisdom.  Prophecy is not yet dead as long as God’s enlightening energy lives in those who pray in Spirit and in truth.  Seers communicate wisdom in paradoxical silence in the wilderness, uttering ineffable words of prophecy to awaken prayer of the heart, eloquently silent in an age that no longer speaks of glorification, because it no longer remembers to glorify God. Enigmatic from beginning to end, the Name beyond all names, nonetheless, names and reveals God, showing forth what cannot be said, factually or logically, revealing the glory of wisdom in an age of materialism, relativism and nihilism.  Enigma darkly mirrors uncreated light, ineffably communicating the uncreated energy of wisdom, mystically revealing the uncreated energy of glory.