Severance and Sublation

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Severance cuts through confusion so that sublation rises above division, curing coonfusion and division in different ways.  Both severance and sublation are life-giving acts of uncreated energy, but severance begins with wisdom whilst sublation ends with glory. The Father begets the Son as God from God and light from light, regenerating saints in light through light of glory.  Severance separates out the true image from the shadow, distinguishing likeness from unlike reflection, whilst sublation realises the quintessential, deifying energy of God, revealing God.  Generating the perfection of his  image, the Father beholds the glorious image of himself, which is the Son, whilst the Spirit beholds their union, revealing Holy Trinity.  As image, Christ is one with the Father without confusion and different from the Spirit without division, communicating severance without division with sublation without confusion.

As light from light, Christ is God from God, grounding severance with difference, completing sublation with union.  Fulness of completeness lies in him, discerned in the Holy Spirit as the fulness of grace.  This is the sacred function of the Spirit of truth, to discern the truth of things, to embrace the truth of things in their likeness to their originating image.  The Spirit discerns the truth of things in their eternal principle, which is the thrice-holy revelation of their original translucence and eschatological glory.  Heaven and earth are full of eschatological glory, extinguishing the powers of hell.  Wisdom is omnipresent in its witness to glory, without acquiring impurity from the impurity of fallenness.  Centering in glory, vanity is dissolved, purifying vainglory, severing confusion, sublating division.

As God from God, Christ is wisdom embracing glory everywhere, even in the very depths of hell.  Hell resists the glory of heaven but cannot destroy that glory, because glory is not deformed by form but reveals form in the image of glory.  Nothing exists that can usurp the throne of glory, even though grace is received according to the capacity of each recipient.  Jacob’s ladder is either a ladder of ascent or descent because ascent presupposes descent and descent ascent.  Angels ascend and descend, restoring hell to heaven, liberating heaven in hell, receiving grace according to their capacity to embrace glory.  Severance releases confusion, sublating division, uniting wisdom with glory in the very depths of hell, restoring glory in all heavenly realms, transmitting sublating severance in every moment.