Sinners into Saints

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Saints are sinners who turn and see God in the midst, turning away from vanity as they turn round into God, painfully incomplete as sinners but trusting the completeness of grace to complete them.  Grace loves to make sinners saints, so whilst sin separates them from holiness, grace hallows them with its completeness.  Prophecy employs poetic prose to awaken hearts to wisdom, imparting the grace of the Holy Spirit whilst transforming sinners into saints.  A recent dream envisioned the sanctuary of the heart as a small, hidden door above a busy street, leading into a sanctuary full of incomprehensible mysteries, concealing treasures from profane curiosity.  The dream glimpsed what was hidden there but the mind was unable to grasp or posses what was given.  Saints are not completed all at once but given time to embrace timeless glory, gradually transforming vainglory into glory as grace suddenly transfigures them.

The dream envisioned a hidden door on a floor above an ancient, busy street, turning aside into a hidden sanctuary full of incomprehensible mysteries.  A king walked the streets below whilst the sanctuary above lay completely hidden.  The sanctuary of the heart lay hidden away from public view yet opened to the reign of timeless glory, communicating timeless wisdom to creatures caught up in time’s inevitable incompleteness.  The sacred mystery of real presence is not in time but relates to time, revealing completeness to temporal incompleteness.  Beneath the heart, survival, safety and control are three centres handling fear in time, whilst above the heart three centres are infused with love’s timeless glory, communicating crowning mysteries of wisdom with depths of enthroning glory.  Saints see what sinners seek, bearing witness in time to timeless glory, uniting the timeless with time.

The door of the heart above the busy street of the external world is easily overlooked, often left quite unopened and unentered when the sanctuary is concealed with Christ in God.  Mysteries of glory abide where throne and crown share hallowing communion, whether or not the timeless is actually discovered, transfiguring time.  When timeless mysteries are discovered, wisdom uncovers coronation and glory discloses deification, revealing the timeless in time.  Very ancient royal temple symbols continue to communicate the timeless wisdom of Solomon, even in an age of secular relativism, revealing timeless wisdom and gradual glorification in time.  Gracious wisdom turns and gratefully awakens the heart to timeless glorification, embracing time to complete temporal incompleteness.  Vainglory falls short of timeless glory but the communion of saints does not, because saints are grateful for time to attune to timeless glory.  Elders embrace sinners who turn and see, helping saints extinguish parody that obscures paradox by living the extremity of paradoxical grace, revealing the glory of grace powerfully transforming sinners into saints.