Ground of Oneness

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The ground of the oneness of all being is the oneness of God the Holy Trinity, but there is no common measure between the uncreated and the created, because the uncreated infinitely transcends the created.  Wisdom does not waver from the oneness of glory, which is the oneness of God, because wisdom abides in the glory of God.  The decisive experience of wisdom is the spontaneous experience of glory, revealing the oneness of wisdom and glory in the Name.  When awareness is self-aware, it is free of selfish self-obsession, which is how wisdom actually is, in its hidden awareness of uncreated glory.  The oneness of glory is the oneness of God in his uncreated energy, saving sinners and deifying saints.  The Father does not waver from his generation of the Son and the Son does not waver from his glorification of the Father.  The Spirit does not dither over his procession from the Father or his abiding in the Son, steadfastly unveiling the oneness of Holy Trinity.

The ground of created being is the uncreated energy of Holy Trinity, awakening recognition and remembrance of God, through God, in God.   The ground of prophecy is the Spirit of pure prayer, awakening wisdom in the heart of glorification.  Awareness of presence is one with presence of awareness in the Name, revealing God’s remembrance of God in union of God the Father and God the Son.  The Holy Spirit discerns their union and communicates it as living truth to all, bearing witness to the reign of uncreated glory in realms of uncreated light.  The timeless ground of oneness is the Father’s union with the Son, communicated as wisdom through glorification. Wisdom is uncreated awareness bearing witness to uncreated presence in the reign of the Name, which is the reign of wisdom in glory.  The heart knows God but hides this mystery of mysteries from profane scrutiny, so that the Name cannot be taken in vain.

Remembrance of God grounds oneness in God through God, unveiling being in the timeless well-being of glory.  Glory is the inherent radiance of wisdom, and wisdom is the inherent radiance of glory in the Holy Name.  Sinners struggle with separation but saints know the oneness of communion lying upstream from separation and bear witness to its wondrous power.  Awareness of wisdom is wisdom of awareness, revealing presence aware of presence as oneness of awareness and presence.  Deifying oneness is glory ever-present and aware, sustaining glorification with uncreated wisdom.  The circulation of wisdom and glory is not sterile circularity but co-inherent communion of saints.  The innate lucidity of wisdom is one with the co-inherence of uncreated glory, generously communicating the ground of oneness in communion with saints, revealing the ineffable oneness of God.