Ineffable Remembrance

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The remembrance of God is ineffable, reflecting the openness of wisdom and the oneness of timeless glory.  The way of truth is the way of abiding that establishes deification as a way of life.  This way of life inherits the language of prophecy which inspires pure prayer, listening to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer glorifying God in his Name.  The reason this way of life is not lived by very many, is that as imperial religion, Christianity is dominated by the ruling powers of this world rather than the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  As uncreated wisdom, this deified way of life is profoundly subversive of conventional religion, revolutionising the power structures of this world. In fact, conventional Christianity was itself largely subverted by mundanity, ever since it became the religion of Imperial Rome.  What matters for conventional Christians is conformity to the conventions of imperial power, not what overthrows that power, which is the reigning power of God’s hallowing Name.

The ineffable openness of wisdom coincides with the spontaneous oneness of God inherent in the glory of the saving Name.  Ineffable openness radically overcomes the powers of this world as it contests the controlling tyranny of imperialist oppression, resurrecting the way of life of integral wisdom.  Desert stillness faithfully cleaves to the Name whose reign never ceases in angelic heavens, but is subverted in demonic hells.  The principle work of wisdom is to expose demonic pretensions and overcome their oppressive control, a work that desert wisdom never ceases to undertake in every generation.  When imperial powers invade monasticism to pervert and invert it, radical stillness refuses to conform, so has never been totally overcome.  In our own time, stillness bears radical witness to wisdom through glorification, witnessing alongside martyrs in the defence of truth and freedom.

The liberating power of glory refuses to be overpowered by mundane powers, contesting them at every level, overturning them at every turn, defeating them in every way.  The radical power of glorification renews the remembrance of God through God’s own remembrance of God in Holy Trinity.  Remembrance of God is not a formal, conceptual notion but an enlightening practice that actively overcomes controlling powers as it overcomes the world.  Name-hallowing opens to the reign of the Name as it awakens the heart to wisdom, ineffably enlightening the mind in the heart by unifying them both with wisdom.  Glorification remembers God through God, uniting the mind with the heart, liberating mind and heart through enlightening purification.  Glorification never ceases to be radical, because ineffable remembrance cuts to the very roots of vainglory, restoring glorification.  God is ineffable, so the remembrance of God is ineffable, radically opening wisdom to glory in the saving power of the Name.