No Comments on Listening

Listening to the Holy Spirit, wisdom discerns the glory of the Name, hallowing the Kingdom come.  The post-war generation was very influenced by secularism, but thanks to mothers who prayed in the Spirit for their sons, there were enough Christians left to listen to the Holy Spirit’s whisper in their heart of hearts.  Prophecy was not quenched nor prayer extinguished, but what was ultimately decisive was the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, opening the heart to wisdom.  Glorification communicates its hidden mysteries to hearts that awaken to the Name, awakening to God at centre in the midst.  For glorification, nothing created intervenes between awareness and presence, ‘I’ and ‘AM,’ revealing God beyond all created things.  Seers see as they are seen, know as they are known, beholding the unveiled face of glory in the Name.

Listening is not hallucination or fantasy, but recognition empowering the remembrance of God, enabling remembrance to live in the uncreated light of God’s remembrance of God.  The Spirit prays the Lord’s own prayer without ceasing, hallowing the Name, witness to the reign of glory above the din of secularism.  Post-war generations were often overwhelmed by the nihilism of secular materialism, but some turned and saw who sees, and awakened to the glory of the reign of the Name. The Name saves those who turn and see from thinking nihilism has the last word, restoring glorification through purification and illumination.  Post-war obscuration clears like cloud on the mountain of transfiguration, when the Name is hallowed and glory reigns.  Remembrance of God purifies the heart and enlightens the mind in the heart, opening to glorification, restoring glory to God.

Listening is openness to the ineffable word of grace communicating grace, openness to glory communicating the glory of saving grace beyond perception and imagination, transcending expectation.  Ineffable openness  listens and by listening receives the unexpected creativity of uncreated glory.  Unburdened by the past, undistracted by the future, wisdom is sustained by the ever-present presence of ineffable openness, eagerly listening to revelation being made known.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer frees remembrance of God from every distraction as it arises, releasing it even as it arises. The Spirit of freedom releases the heart from nihilism by unveiling the ‘nothing,’ opening ‘nothing created’ to the uncreated no-thingness of God.  Wisdom thereby liberates nihilism into God, unveiling the completeness of uncreated glory to the creativity of wisdom.  Listening hears the ineffable words of God even in the dead-end of nihilism, opening post-war secularism to timeless glorification.