No Comments on Unknowing

Unknowing knows as it is known, which is wisdom’s way of knowing, not to be confused with nihilistic agnosticism or relativist ignorance, which does not know as it is known.  Wisdom’s way of knowing transcends dualistic knowledge, so is described as unknowing, but knows that it humbly knows as wisdom knows, surrendering the controlling desire to know.  Love knows in this way, transcending faith and hope, at ease with uncertainty regarding conditioned things, at home with God’s certainty of God that wisdom knows.  Wisdom knows unknowingly because it beholds the unconditioned glory of the age to come as it is breaking in right now, revealing the eschatological presence of God.  Its knowing is unknowing because it cuts through conditioned knowledge and leaps over cognitive conditioning, infinitely transcending dualistic knowledge and nihilistic agnosticism.  It knows because it is known as wisdom knows, beholding uncreated glory in the light of ineffable glorification.

Unknowing knows as it is known, seeing as it is seen, liberating nihilism from its fatal flaws, unveiling the contradictions of relativism.  At the heart of uncertainty is the certainty of knowing, as glory is known by wisdom, exposing the contradictions of relativism and the dead end of nihilism.  Wisdom humbly knows the glory of love’s ineffable knowing, revealing humble awareness of the timeless presence of God.  If faith were dependent on what is known, it would not be faith, just as if hope were confined to what is known, it would not be hope.   Unknowing grounds faith and hope in the glory of love, infinitely transcending all known paths, all dualistic knowledge and all agnosticism with radical openness.  Certain of God beyond all notions of God, wisdom is at peace with unknowing, at ease with doxological knowing as glory known, beyond calculation and conceptual conditioning.

Knowing as unknowing knows, wisdom beholds glory, knowing glorification of God and glorification by God, transcending dualistic knowledge and agnosticism.   The paradox of unknowing that wisdom knows, releases all the parodies that nihilism spawns, liberating glorification in the Spirit of unceasing glorification.  Faith does not trust in itself but in God, whose unceasing trust abides in God through God.  Hope does not put its hope in itself, but in God, breaking free of facile optimism.  Love always knew God was love, loving as love is eternally beloved by God.   This is the ineffable mystery of uncreated love, the ineffable mystery of the glory of love, inspiring glorification. The circular movement of love round love is infallible, inspiring Saint Denys the Areopagite and Saint Gregory Palamas to discern love’s infallible co-inherence.  The circular movement of wisdom and glory is the circularity of radical openness. Unknowing infallibly knows, knowing love’s infallible glory, infallibly revealing the glory of unknowing love.