Uncreated Presence

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The uncreated presence of glory is wisdom’s holy secret, called a precious pearl by Christ, inspiring many centuries of spiritual pearl questing.  The myth of the pearl symbolises the awakened heart, which completes the incompleteness of temporal experience.  The scope of wisdom is the scope of glory, uncreated presence whose completeness loves wisdom as wisdom loves glory.  Uncreated awareness is ever-present in the image and likeness of uncreated presence ever-aware, beyond fixed identity and divisive separation.  The Name reveals the uncreated energy of wisdom co-inhering with the uncreated energy of glory, crystallising dynamic energy in the heart, like a pearl.  The Thrice-Holy Trinity unveils the dance of co-inherence communicating communion without confusion and union without division.   The lucidity of self-emptying dazzles the mind with the radiant wisdom of the heart, unveiling glorification.

Uncreated awareness loves uncreated presence in the same way that wisdom loves glory, dynamically activating the remembrance of God.  Recognition unites body and mind within the resonance of the ineffable Logos, realising the truth of the Spirit in the truth of the Logos.  Extremes arise but not extremism, held together as they are by the Logos, in whom the Spirit abides.  Uncreated presence does not fall apart, so there is no need to struggle to hold it together.  Holy Trinity does not disintegrate so there is no need to strain and stress in bringing it together.  The Spirit abides in the Logos in the heart of the Father, so ways and means towards abiding no longer get in the way.  The spontaneous presence of enlightened awareness is timeless, wisely cleaving to the presence of glory.  Uncontrived lucidity activates uncreated translucence in the hearts of awakened seers, sustaining the deification of saints.

Recognition is decisive for remembrance, if wisdom is to awaken to God’s remembrance of God, through God.  Wisdom never fell away from glory, so never ceases to remember God in Holy Trinity.   The pearl is the key to the Kingdom, resting in peace with stillness.  When thoughts arise, they are not suppressed but simply released.  The uncreated awareness of the Logos is generated by the uncreated presence of the Father, from whom the uncreated presence of the Spirit proceeds. Recognition of uncreated presence is always decisive, giving remembrance uninterrupted access to uncreated presence, revealed by all three persons.  Uncontrived and unconditioned, the remembrance of uncreated presence is all-encompassing.  Indeterminate immediacy co-incides with uncreated presence in timeless wisdom, centred in the ineffable freedom of glory.