No Comments on Name-Hallowing

Name-hallowing glorification of God reveals God in act in his deifying energies as wisdom, discerning God in act in his ever-present energies of glory, regenerating Holy Orthodoxy when it is tempted and brought low by confusion and division.  Name-hallowing wisdom is holy theophany manifesting hallowing glory, communicating sound glorification, regenerating institutional Orthodox forms in ways that transfigure them as wisdom.  The Lord’s Prayer invokes the Father by his intimate name, ABBA, hallowing the Holy Name of God by praying that his saving reign comes on earth as it is always coming in heaven.  Christ prays his Father’s will is done on earth as it is always already being done in heaven, revealing that Name-hallowing is always the holy will of God, completing grace with glory.

If Name-hallowing ceased to be the practice of saints, the world would cease to know itself in its original destiny, cease to remember God at centre where God knows God through God, where Holy Trinity knows Holy Trinity.  Unceasing Name-hallowing is God’s remembrance of God in God, holding everything together in God at centre.  Saints love wisdom because wisdom never ceases to hallow God’s Name on earth as God’s Holy Name is hallowed in heaven.  Love of wisdom is their holy philosophy, exposing the vacuous emptiness of the world’s many self-styled philosophies.  Theophanies of wisdom vary in the way they speak of wisdom, but wisdom remains wisdom in all of them, not just words, which wisdom knows, ascribing glory to God.  Name-hallowing prays the Lord’s own prayer breathing steadfast in the midst where God know God through God, glorifying Holy Trinity.

The Jesus Prayer homes in on Name-hallowing, opening earth to the infinite mercies of heaven, guaranteeing the power of Name-hallowing with the infinite power of the Name. The invocation of the Name of Jesus names God as Father of the Son whose glory empowers Name-hallowing as infinite mercy, infinite loving-kindness, infinite compassion in its ineffable completeness.  The Spirit’s Name-hallowing is unceasing as wisdom breathes life into traditional Orthodox forms, restoring formal adherence to unceasing glory.  The holy theophany of Name-hallowing transcends forms as it awakens in the Holy Spirit to the Son’s glorification of the Father and the Father’s glorification of the Son.  Name-hallowing is therefore always the quintessential practice of the saints, restoring Holy Orthodoxy to its original glory in God the Holy Trinity.

Feast of Holy Theophany