No Comments on Recognition

Recognition empowers remembrance of God to know as it is known, wedding God in the heart through holy union and sanctifying communion.  Cognition without recognition remains unconscious of union, separate from the communion of saints, fixating frozen hardness of heart.  Cognition with recognition remembers God, unites with God, partakes in God’s hallowing communion through Christ in the Spirit, hallowing the conjugal Name.  Recognition of the otherness of the other within the reign of God, grounds communion in the co-inherence of created with uncreated energy, deifying saints.  Recognition of the oneness that unites others with God, communicates the hallowing communion of saints with God, revealing the miracle of the conjugal mysteries, of revelation and of deifying hiddenness.

Remembrance of God is impossible without recognition but powerful when holy unknowing recognises God without egoically grasping at what is known.  Unknowing recognises what cognition overlooked, namely, the miracle of grace, the miracle of glorification awakened by the glory of grace.  Unknowing comes with wisdom, and the fruit of unknowing is illumined glorification.  Recognition is the miracle of miracles, the mystery of mysteries, the mystical heart of glorification.  The miracle of mystical wisdom is recognition, direct awakening, enlightened remembrance of God.  Wisdom steps back from blind perception as seeing unites with dazzling glorification, partaking in holy union with regenerating communion.  It is easy to see what hardens sclerosis of heart, causing spiritual death, blinding the eye and deafening the ear of the heart.

Metanoia turns and awakens the heart so that theoria enlightens the mind in the heart, uniting the mind in the heart with the eye of wisdom.  Recognition liberates wisdom, releasing recognition into glory, granting deep insight into the mysteries of glorification. Elders point out what recognition knows, God’s recognition of God through God, which is enlightening Trinity.  This divine knowing is none other than holy unknowing, the experience of revelation, the unveiling of the mystery of mysteries.  Recognition is, in truth, God’s recognition of God in God, Holy Trinity itself, unveiling itself to itself.  It is the miracle of recognition that awakens the eye of the heart, suspending blind cognition, opening the eye of enlightened recognition.  Wisdom awakens saints to hallowing recognition, establishing elders in enlightening glory, handing glorification on as deifying transmission of wisdom from generation to generation.

Synaxis of the holy, glorious Prophet and Forerunner John the Baptist