Ruach ha-Qodesh

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The Holy Spirit, Ruach ha-Qodesh, remembers holy saints so that they are always lovingly remembered, overcoming every confusion that divorces wisdom from glory, healing every division that separates glory from wisdom, curing subtle deviations of heart and mind. Holy wisdom communicates uncreated energies of ineffable power that deify saints by glorifying them as they offer their glorification of God, bestowing peace.  Invisible heavens unite with visible constellations of countless stars as earth is hallowed by the Name, glorifying heaven and earth.  The vanity of vainglory was always extinguished by the holiness of wisdom, already restoring peace on earth by bringing heaven to earth.  Pride has no grip on the humility of wisdom that ascribes all glory to God.  Hokmah ha-Qodesh, Holy Wisdom, humbly mirrors God to God through God, glorifying Holy Trinity.

The Spirit’s unceasing prayer glorifies the Father through the Son, revealing the Name that purifies hearts, enlightening mind and heart with remembrance of God.  The Name communicates the timeless life of God by revealing the Holy Trinity to ears that hear, opening the eye of wisdom to timeless glorification.  Wisdom delights in the uncreated light of peace, as the Name unveils glory to the heart.  The resurrection of Christ empties hell by ascending with Christ into realms of uncreated glory.  The Spirit’s unceasing invocation of the Father through the Son delights hearts, causing them to turn and see God at centre in the midst, inspiring wisdom that restores glory to God.  Nothing intervenes between wisdom and glory in the very depths of God, so nothing separates God from wisdom in the enlightening reign of the Name.

Holy is the Spirit of wisdom who opens the eye of the heart, gathering what the world scatters into the radiant wholeness of God.  Spiritual crowning liberates saints with uncreated light, bequeathing them the freedom of the children of God.  Wisdom opens hell’s closed gates to radiant realms of glory, revealing the completeness of timeless glory.  Incompleteness is inevitable when temporal matterialism reigns, but completeness perfects incompleteness when timeless glory is revealed.  Nihilism dissolves like mist when wisdom dawns, curing relativism with truth’s steadfast light.  The Holy Spirit shares uncreated insight with all who thirst for wisdom, nourishing hearts with hallowing glorification, communicating the Spirit’s unceasing prayer for all.  The Name remembers God in Holy Trinity, hallowing God’s reign of infinite love, saving all who say and mean ‘Amen’.