Praise of Glory

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Praise of glory, which blesses enlightened hearts, awakens seers to the living presence of the uncreated light of wisdom, opening to the living awareness of the uncreated light of glory.  The Name is holy, hallowing seers with the grace of illumination, purifying the heart to deify saints, transmitting holy remembrance.  Wisdom is immaculate, effortless and decisive in its uncreated energy, transfiguring creation, dispelling gloom.  Child-like trust assents to wisdom’s deification of holy seers, praising glory and opening the eye of the heart.  Desiring recognition, worldly souls perversely push wisdom away, unaware that wisdom completes recognition beyond desire.  Conditioning binds awareness by confining it to created conditions, whereas wisdom frees awareness to embrace unconditioned glory.  Praise of glory restores glory to God, gracefully liberating awareness unconditionally, gratefully abiding in unconditioned glory.

Praise of glory unites with Holy Trinity in the co-inherence of uncreated and created being, opening being to well-being, releasing into timeless well-being.  Wisdom has nothing to gain and nothing to lose, being filled with the timeless well-being of glory. Liberation by grace was always glorious, releasing fixated attachment to conditioned alternatives.  Grace praises glory because it releases seers from the bondage of conditioning, rising from conditioned alternatives to unconditioned freedom.  Ascetic renunciation might otherwise remain stuck in negation, whereas ascetic release rises into the wholeness of endless glorification.  Wisdom loves to praise the glory of the age to come, piercing through time to the timeless revelation of glory.  Having nothing to achieve and nothing to lose, glory empowers wisdom to embrace the timeless completeness of ineffable glorification.

Praise of glory partakes gladly in Holy Trinity, abiding in unpredictable freedom, like wind blowing wherever and however it wills.  Wisdom rests in peace in the grace of the Name, doing what needs to be done without clinging to anything or anyone.   True stillness is dynamic, not static, enabling true personhood to transcend posturing personality.  There is no peace for inflated personalities, no glory for those who seek praise.  Purified intelligence loves the perfecting grace of wisdom, beholding the perfecting glory of completeness.  Verbal prayers, said without stopping, are not confused with unceasing prayer, which the Spirit prays in the heart, filling praise with the glory of wisdom.  Praise of glory opens to ineffable completeness, never ceasing to abide in the glory of wisdom, releasing wisdom into glory with unconditioned freedom, completing incompleteness in the glory of completeness.