Name of Glory

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Wisdom proclaims the Gospel of the Name of Glory, which Christ came to reveal and the Holy Spirit discerns, unveiling the Father through the Son.  The Spirit awakens hearts to the glory of the Name, deifying those who turn and see, hallowing the Name of glory.  The fearful mind tries to control the mind but wisdom empties the mind into the heart, transfiguring the mind in the heart.  The mind suffers from doubt and wavers between alternatives, whereas the heart bears witness to wisdom, glorifying God.  Wisdom plays simply, acting without reacting, transfiguring cognition with recognition.  Wisdom sings simply, like the nightingale hidden in the undergrowth. Wisdom names the Holy Name of Glory, invoking the Name to glorify God, transcending clever conversation with ineffable speech.  Loving the Name of glory, wisdom names the Name, transcending speech, with ineffable glorification.

The Name of Glory is unfettered by pretension, releasing strain and stress, liberating tension into tensionless awareness.  Purity of heart is not bound by addictive fixations, freeing minds to descend into the heart with wisdom.  Freedom restores glory to God with ineffable glorification, undismayed by contradiction, undistracted by temptation.  Anxious distraction liberates into purity of heart when enlightened glorification overcomes distracting obstacles.  The Name of glory reveals the glory of God to all who turn and see, extinguishing vanity from vainglory.  Wisdom rises with Christ into resurrection, ascending with Christ into glorification.  Deep stillness is fathomless fulness, freeing awareness from delusion.  Glorification embraces illumination with purification in a trice, integrating different states into single-minded presence.

Wisdom loves the Name of glory as herself, severing illusions before they even arise, extinguishing delusions before they become obstacles to wisdom.  Sages love wisdom as themselves, restoring glory to God.  Seers love glory that glorifies wisdom, transcending talk about talk that claims to be philosophy.   Wisdom loves the Name of glory as her beloved bride, de-voiding the void of reified notions of emptiness.  The Spirit of Truth extinguishes illusion, dying to death by rising to undying life.  Unhindered by seductive doubt, wisdom stands steadfast.  Undistracted by dithering confusion, wisdom heals seductive separation.  Golden awareness crowns awakened seers, enthroning saints with dazzling glory.  The Name of glory opens hell to heaven, uniting heaven and earth with wisdom, expanding endlessly from glory to greater and greater glory.