Vision of God

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The vision of God is not like the visual perception of something created, nor like the sight of something seen by the senses or grasped by the mind.  Only God sees God, but wisdom, which is God’s vision of God, is shared by the Holy Spirit with those who turn, metanoia, and see, theoria.  God transcends sight but the vision of God is wisdom’s ineffable insight, communicated by the Holy Spirit through Christ in the glory of the Father.  Holy Trinity is thrice-holy vision of God, deifying co-inherence, roundly resounding throughout heaven and earth, underlying relative perception with ultimate coherence.  The wisdom of the Scriptures springs from the vision of God, as does the wisdom of the Fathers, pointing beyond themselves to God’s vision of God through God, which is the wisdom of Holy Trinity.

God’s vision of God is Holy Trinity, opening the eye of the heart to God’s purity that purifies the heart, which is metanoia.  God’s vision of God enlightens the mind in the heart, which is theoria.  God’s vision of God glorifies God in his saints, which is theosis, deification, because the vision of God truly deifies those who see the deifying glory of God.  It is not that God is ever an object of sight but that God sees God, through God, Holy Trinity, enlightening purified hearts and deifying them.  Holy Orthodoxy holds steady in the vision of God by holding steady to the vision of Holy Trinity, which is God’s vision of God through God.  Vision of God is never the created vision of something created, but uncreated vision of uncreated glory, which is wisdom’s uncreated vision of the glory of God.

The vision of God is the experience of God in Holy Trinity, shared by martyrs with prophets and apostles, who awaken to God and communicate God to the saints.  Vision of God also inspires poets and artists in their exercise of uncreated creativity, renewing mankind by renewing wisdom.  Desert elders receive wisdom from God and hand it on as living tradition, from generation to generation, transmitting the vision of God in age after age.  It is always God’s vision of God that is transmitted, not information about God, and it is always through God that God’s vision is transmitted. Holy Trinity is this revelatory mystery in every generation, renewing wisdom through glory, in age after age.  Glorification hallows saints directly and decisively with the vision of God, opening Holy Trinity to saints in glory, ensuring the vision of God is handed on from generation to generation.