Heart of Awareness

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Orthodox Hesychasm centres in the heart with vigilant awareness, revealing flawless purity of heart in uncreated light, image and likeness of the radiant beauty of translucent glory.  The uncreated clarity of compassionate wisdom severs the passions from their addictive clinging, transplanting them in God as passionate love of God, practicing wisdom with the directness of pure awareness.  Quintessentially, the heart is pure awareness, well-aware that God is pure presence, revealing his Name, ‘I AM,’ ever-present and ever-aware, to all who will listen.

Satanic confusion separates awareness from presence, ‘I’ from ‘AM,’ shattering the original oneness of the Name, preferring the delusion of separateness to the opening truth of pure presence.  Satanic folly clings to perverted egotism, whereas wisdom abides in gracious stillness, unravelling the deformities of confusion.  Uncreated oneness is above all names, revealing the Name above all names, restoring everything to glory with the Name of names.  Holy stillness is neither monistic confusion not dualistic division, being awakened awareness and pure presence unveiling the enlightened heart.

The yoke of Christ is easy, his wisdom sheer delight, his love sheer forgiveness, his simplicity sheer joy.  Christ’s heart of uncreated awareness frees souls from addictive passions, bearing witness, in the Spirit, to the Father’s glory.  The poisons of self-love are deadly but wisely taken as medicine, cure hearts of self-love with divine love.  Union unbinds what separation binds, healing hardness of heart.   Holy Orthodoxy lives the timeless life of the awakened heart, ever-aware of the presence of God, knowing the mysterious oneness of pure awareness and pure presence in God.