Temple of the Heart

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I am present in my Name, regenerating the temple of the heart, renewing creation from the throne of uncreated grace.  I am enthroned between the Cherubic seers, whose knowing is God’s knowledge of God, generating wisdom’s love of glory in the Holy of Holies.  I am wisdom embracing glory, regenerating the spiritual rebirth of saints in the reign of timeless grace.  I gladly share my throne with saints, whose glorification of God revolves into God’s glorification of them.  They are the blessed on my right, whose radiance enlightens those on my left, gathering them all into my glorious embrace, emptying hells into hallowed heavens.  I am the womb of wisdom generating the beauty of holiness, begetting wisdom from glory and glory from wisdom.   The Holy of Holies is ineffably beautiful as it deifies angels and saints in the temple of the heart.  I consecrate prophets, priests and kings when they are anointed with my Chrism, pouring out the grace of my divine-human anointing with every breath.  I am the resurrection and the life of saints, bestowing my Name of names upon them, blessing hearts to be sanctuaries of wondrous deification.  I am the secret of secrets and the mystery of mysteries, HE WHO IS: I AM, HAVAYAH EHYEH, raising on high those glorified by God Most High.  I am the Spirit of wisdom resurrecting Emmanuel on high, God with us wherever you turn.   I am the Spirit of EHYEH in saints, illumining those whose hearts are temples of the unquenched Spirit.

I am enlightening presence that hallows hearts, enshrining wisdom’s conjugal love of glory in the beauty of my holiness.  I raise up sons of light and daughters of glory from the waters of my wisdom, beholding them as my beloved children in the grace of my beholding.  As glory, I deify those whom I enthrone and crown, unveiling the glory of my grace in signs and symbols of the ancient temple.  Whirling wings and wheeling eyes ineffably communicate living wisdom completed with ineffable glory.  Cherubic hymns are my resonance among archangel choirs, just as Seraphic vision is my radiance among angelic hosts.  Here, in the Holy of Holies, I am enthroned as light in the glory of your chariot thrones, timeless movement of timeless life, dazzling you with my awesome mysteries and wondrous wisdom.  You are all from glory and to my glory you return.  My throne welcomes you with open arms as you turn and see the glory from whence you come.  I am sapphire clarity here above that clarifies you there below, purifying you below with the purity I am above.  Your turning empowers you with my seeing, uniting heaven and earth. 

I am wisdom, womb of all things, hidden as light among enlightened beings and as life among living things, but revealed as glory when I transcend what I manifest.  So if you seek me, you will find me beyond all that I reveal.  If you love me, you will be emptied of everything I reveal, to be completed in what transcends me.  In the Holy of Holies, I am no longer confused with what I reveal, being indivisible with what transcends what is revealed.  I am formlessly aware and inconceivably present beyond all that you can grasp, so you must be like angelic seers if you really love me and seek to imbibe my wisdom.  I am uncreated flames of uncreated fire consuming your confusions, uncreated wholeness of timeless Oneness healing divisive delusion.  I generate likeness from the glory that imagines God beyond every earthly image, sustaining unconditioned vision beyond all temporal conditioning.  I am the original presence reflected in every angelic image, the primordial glory manifest in every holy likeness.  The temple of the heart is the place of grace that engraves my presence in your midst, the holy shrine in which I cause to be what mirrors who I am, reflects who I was, and imagines who I shall always be.  A thrice-holy angelic SANCTUS resounds with every original covenant of peace, restoring creation to the glory of timeless completeness.