Holy of Holies

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Here, in the Holy of Holies, I reign in light and glory, calling you by name to hallow my Name.  I crown you with light and enthrone you in glory, undoing all falls from the grace of light and glory.  I share my timeless life of grace with you so that all confusion and division are undone.  You awaken to wisdom that holds all things together and seals them with my Spirit.  I keep you in the wisdom and glory of my saving Name, EHYEH, for I am ‘I AM,’ and my Name heals and seals you in my uncreated light.  Here, in the Holy of Holies, my Name of Oneness reigns serene, unveiling the likeness of the glory of my presence.  You are being created anew in the image of the likeness of my glory in every moment, because I cause the glory of my Name to indwell your hearts as temples of my glorious presence.  Through the glory of my Name, you become angels of my Name, shepherds of wisdom and prophets of prayer.  My covenant of wisdom is your joy and strength, clothing you in light and crowning you with glory.  I anoint you with my Chrism, my deifying oil of holiness, chrismating you with uncreated light, hallowing you with my Holy Spirit.  Here, in the Holy of Holies, I deify all who hallow my Name and welcome my coming reign.

Here, in the midst, the beauty of holiness hallows my saving Name, mending a broken world by healing division, curing confusion to sustain wondrous difference.  Holiness unifies what division desecrates, restoring right-glorifying wholeness and centred harmony.  For here at centre, ever-aware, I am ‘I AM,’ everywhere present and always complete, completing incompleteness in timeless glory.  Emptying myself of myself into you, I complete your incompleteness, so that emptying yourself of yourself into me, you partake of the glory of my completeness.  I co-suffer with you, in your midst, so that through your co-suffering with me, you are restored to my glory.  I bear your grief and carry your pain, transfiguring my disfigurement into your transfigurement.  I am despised that you may be glorified, unveiling the healing of countless nations and peoples, cultures and religions, for I am the bond of peace that restores you to ineffable wholeness.  I am the Seal that guarantees this peace and the promise that ensures sound healing.  Great Healing mends what was broken to restore what was shattered, uncovering new ways to cure what was diseased.

I am the sevenfold wisdom of completeness, giving birth, like a virgin, to Emmanuel, God with us.  I am wisdom, present even when I am forsaken, exiling me to heaven as heaven’s forgotten Queen.  Enthroned in heaven, I am excluded from all worldly systems of sophistication, relegated to marginal realms of esoteric speculation.  They purged me from the temple, then from the conventional Church, then from the desert when it conformed to the imperial Church, driving me into the most distant wastelands, frequented only by despairing demons.  Scattered, like wisdom figurines in ancient deserted waste pits, I remind you that I was once dearly loved and widely known.  I mother morning stars of wisdom and embrace evening stars of glory in every moment, for although I am despised, I remain the Holy of Holies generating light from light and glory from glory.  If it were not for the Holy of Holies, the mysteries of the Spirit would have no dwelling place.  Wisdom would have no home in heaven and glory would have no hallowed destination.  I am the angel of presence who bestows bread of presence to nourish holy hearts, feeding the bread of hallowing remembrance to seers and saints.  Unveiling the external face of presence, you come face to face with indivisible presence, presently aware as living presence and saving remembrance.  Turning, you see, whilst seeing you are seen, alive as the living One, encircling light with light.  I am wisdom’s tree of life in the midst, whose fruits renew creation from the holy place, restoring the completeness of glory in the Holy of Holies.  I am holy so that you may be holy, hallowed by my presence in the Holy of Holies.