Love’s Glory

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I crown all who turn and see my presence in the midst, imbibing the Spirit of Truth with every breath, illumining the eye of the heart with the uncreated light of love’s glory.  The fulness of my completeness blesses seers and saints with uncreated grace, sharing the glory of my love with you as you glorify me with your whole-hearted love.  For my unceasing love reveals to you what true love is like, empowering you to love as you are loved.  Love’s glory enthrones you with the glory of my grace and crowns you with the uncreated light of timeless life.  Where I am, here shall my seers be, for I am no stranger to the love that releases and frees you, to the light that illumines and heals you and to the glory of my saving Name that saves and deifies you.  You are always beloved in my beloved Son, always deathless in my undying presence, always glorious in my unceasing awareness present in your midst.  My Spirit bodes no rivals, for there are no hostile powers in me that obstruct or shatter my peace.  I indwell your hearts as temples of my holiness, sanctuaries of my Name, shrines of wisdom and glory.  Timeless recognition awakens timeless remembrance of God, descending by grace to seal you in my hallowing holiness.  I abide here, hidden in the Holy of Holies, infusing every heart with the light and glory of unceasing love.  

I do not need you, for me to be me, although you do need me to be truly you, for your hallowed union with me is wholly dependent upon my communion with you.  The glory of my love seals you with my grace, assuring you that I am always with you.  My powerful seal was always known to angels and saints, anointing with my grace what is purified with mercy.  My prayer is that you will hallow my Name of love and acknowledge the saving reign of my glory.  I am love’s glory unceasingly revealing the glory of love, so that you may never waver from my reign of love or fall away from love’s kindly glory.  Love glorifies God in the fathomless glory of love, imparting love that never forsakes the beloved.  Fear persecutes love but love does not fear persecutory fear.  Fear darkens hearts but cannot see what it fears, because fear’s malice blinds and hardens the heart.  Love reveals the impotence of malice, love freely given to all, although it truly belongs only to those who receive it and make it their own.   The crown of my Name unites illumined minds with purified hearts, standing steadfast in wisdom’s indwelling the glory of love.  

I am with you always, so you may safely abide in me, secure in the glory of my ineffable love.  Hearts begin to sing when the Spirit inspires the Name to speak, giving voice to the breath of love’s holy silence.  In me, there is nothing to oppose me or be hostile to me, for I am ‘I AM,’ and there is no other.  My Name ensures my glorification is sound, and my Spirit sustains your freedom to be who you are.  I pour out my Spirit upon all, so that everything is gathered into the beauty of holiness.  I fill all in all with my wisdom, completing all in all with my glory.  I enlighten the eye of your heart, consummating recognition with profound remembrance.  I engender joy by uniting wisdom and glory, unveiling blessing by uniting discerning awareness and revelatory presence.  I am incorrupt in the perfection of my completeness, unconfused in the glory of love’s oneness.  Love’s odes of peace are wisdom’s joy and love’s wisdom songs are glory’s expressive beauty.  I confess my Name as wisdom’s witness to love’s timeless glory, opening hearts on earth to heaven’s hallowing praise.  I conceal my mystery to reveal my glory, unveiling presence at the heart of awareness.  Who can love glory but love that ascribes glory to God?  Who can gaze into my face of grace, but the revelatory glory that discerns grace?  What can obscure the glory of love when my Name is unveiling its light in the beloved?  I am with you as my saving Name, restoring light to glory through wisdom, hallowing all who turn to hallow my Name.