Name of Presence

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The Name ‘I AM,’ conjoins awareness of presence with presence of awareness, revealing God, one in three persons, embracing glory with wisdom.  Presence grounds awareness and awareness presence in wisdom’s uncreated discernment of glory, which permeates all worlds in their gracious co-inherence.  Extremes arise but extremism dissolves when wisdom unveils glory, cleansing perception in purification of the heart. Wisdom, therefore, abides in uncreated light, freely releasing delusion into truth and division into the oneness of God, Holy Trinity.  

Presence is always already present in the Name, one with awareness that discerns presence of uncreated glory, uncontrived and unconditioned.  Wisdom turns and sees the glory of the Name, transcending perception and imagination, empowering grace to save sinners and hallow saints.  The Father of grace generates the Word of wisdom in the Spirit, opening Holy Trinity to all.  The Name saves all, but not all receive its generous gift, trusting instead in self-righteous innocence.  Thrice-holy, it restores glory to the Father through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

The Name of presence unveils wisdom to all who listen, revealing glory to wounded souls.  Wounds heal if grace is allowed to cure them, but fester if denied by false innocence.  Unrestricted glory manifests in wounds that are open to grace, deifying sinners by glorifying saints.  Primordial uncreated presence purifies hearts to illumine them, hallowing wisdom anew with glory in every moment.  The Name of presence is decisive, opening grace-filled incompleteness to transfiguration through encompassing completeness.