Presence of Glory

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Blessing descends on those who turn and see, discovering God at centre in the midst, beholding Christ transfigured in uncreated light, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who transfigures sinners by turning them into saints.  Wisdom discerns the heart of stillness in uncreated glory, uncovering peace that is timeless and immaculate, purifying the mind in the heart.  Delusion dispels as confusion releases into communion, revealing timeless freedom.  Desire is extinguished by the flame of the Name, revealing wisdom and glory.  Conditioned extremes disintegrate into graced wholeness as liberation from extremism dissolves into devolved completeness, revealing holy union.  Distraction seen is delusion dissolved, resting in action, active in inaction.  Stillness abides beyond silence in the motionless dynamic of glory, whereas ignorance gets stuck in obsessive mindfulness, determined to ‘get enlightened.’ 

Shallow belief and narrow opinion make hearts obsessive, distancing grace.  The Holy Spirit inspires childlike trust that dissolves obsession, disclosing humble joy.  Self-love is extinguished by love of God, turning awareness round so wisdom sees.  Prisons of pride in hell are opened to heaven’s boundless freedom when wisdom awakens and glory sees.  Pretence gives way to timeless well-being when peace abides with glory, whereas presence of glory blesses those who experience the bliss of communion in the Holy Spirit.  Attachments to earthly things dismember souls, whereas wisdom remembers God and turns sinners into members of the body of Christ.  Peace is the natural expression of the remembrance of God, redeeming faith from fear and love from self-obsession.  The Holy Spirit hallows sinners so they rise as saints into God’s realms of grace.

God is void of entangling obstacles, so there is nothing obscuring his presence in transfiguring glory.  Wisdom experiences hell as heaven because glory manifests heaven in hell, emptying hell into heaven.  Dead to death, resurrection reveals the Holy Spirit, awake to Christ, giving glory to God the Father through God the Son, revealing God in Holy Trinity.  Kings become beggars and beggars kings when poverty of spirit reveals the Holy Spirit, imparting spiritual gifts to all.  Blessing fills the poor in spirit, who reign with God in his Kingdom.  Blessed are those who discover God in the midst where they thought they were, turning everything inside out and outside in.   The presence of glory makes all the difference, but cannot be grasped, leaving no trace of anything special.  Unconditioned glory is ever-present, releasing hearts from fear and dread.  Presence of glory encompasses all, revealing transfiguration by the Holy Spirit, communicating glory in timeless completeness, completing temporal incompleteness.

Feast of the Holy Transfiguration.