Witness to Wisdom

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Wisdom is witness to glory, enabling glory to witness wisdom, revealing uncreated light at the heart of awareness.  Orthodox Hesychasm bears witness to wisdom that is witness to glory in the purified heart, revealing uncreated light.  Souls come with many burdens, weighed down by many opinions, but the Holy Spirit frees them and points beyond their shallow narrowness.  If they cling to their opinions they are destroyed by them but if they cleave to the Name they awaken in the Spirit to the uncreated light of eternal life.  The Spirit frees souls from the obstacles that bind them, releasing them into uncreated grace, empowering purification to engender illumination, releasing illumination into glorification.  Holy Orthodoxy rests in peace within this thrice-holy realm of grace, free from obstacles that obscure radiance.  Separation binds whereas union unbinds those who turn and see, revealing boundless glory.

The Spirit’s witness to wisdom is unceasing as it illumines the purified heart, revealing the miraculous wonder of glorification.  Ecstatic blessing transfigures sinners as they conjoin with saints in glory, working the wonder of holy synergy.  The poison of self-centred perception transmutes into the medicine of holy wisdom to the degree that uncreated light reveals uncreated glory.  Pure prayer uncovers pure presence at the heart of pure awareness, unveiling wisdom and glory.  Uncreated fire purifies the mind in the heart, revealing wisdom through the Holy Name.  Those who prefer their own opinion refuse to listen, cutting themselves off from grace.  They erect barriers around their inflated self-esteem  preserving themselves from vulnerability.  Wisdom bears witness to delusion as it dissolves into insight, sustaining glorification.

The Spirit bears witness to wisdom through the Name, revealing ineffable oneness amidst stillness, unveiling completeness.  The eye of wisdom discerns the body of light revealing the body of glory, uncovering glorification.  Holy Orthodoxy is hallowing doxology before it manifests as revelatory theophany.  The mirror of glory unveils both image and likeness, restoring the image with light through light and likeness with glory to glory.  Wisdom is omnipresent and omniscient, unveiling doxological theophanies everywhere, revealing glory in uncreated light.  Creation arises only to empty into uncreated glory, upholding all worlds.  Glory loves wisdom, revealing infinite glory.  Wisdom extinguishes illusion by revealing glory, invoking the saving Name, whose witness to wisdom unveils uncreated glory in realms of infinite grace, co-inhering in ineffable completeness.