Integration in God

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Integration into God generates integration in God, the straight way that opens the way of the Spirit in God, awakening to God, through God.  Crowning changes everything, consummating enthroning deification.  Integration grafts sinners into God, enlightening the mind in the heart, awakening the eye of wisdom in the heart, restoring glorification to God in the Holy Spirit.  Glorification of God reveals glorification by God, hallowing saints in the saving Name.  Integral grafting branches vigorous fresh growth onto the limbs of wisdom’s tree of life, liberating bondage into liberating freedom, regenerating union into communion of saints.  When grafting integration truly ‘takes,’ timeless life regenerates reconciliation with God, consummating glorification.  Wisdom’s way of the Name hallows saints, that is, sinners transfigured into saints, realising mysteries of glorification.  Overlooked by self-centred hardness of heart, the way of wisdom nurtures glorification, renewing creation through transfiguring transformation.

Integration into God is therefore the fundamental foundation of deifying integration in God, through God’s glorification of God, which lives the hallowing mystery of Holy Trinity.  Christ enthrones those he crowns, flowing through them with his grace, transfiguring them with uncreated light of glory.  Glorification is not an optional extra for a priveleged few, but is the integration of many into God that reveals God in act as uncreated energy.  Orthodoxy is realisation of glorification, or it is worldly religion, consoling the blind who lead the blind who are fatally stuck in the ditch.  The Holy Spirit mothers all she nurtures with infinite tenderness, guiding her children back into illumination, so as to lead them back into glorification.  Wisdom unveils the face and glory of renewing personhood, abiding in the unwavering Spirit of unceasing prayer.

Integration in God completes integration into God, revealing the glory of saving grace. Crowned by wisdom, enthroned with glory, saints behold the face of glory in uncreated light.  The seven-headed dragon transmutes into a seven-branched lamp, the menorah of the ancient temple, symbol of sevenfold glorification of body and soul, spiritual temple of the Holy Spirit.  Christ re-roots the dragon within himself, transfiguring its energies in his beloved Disciple, who transmits glorification through him to every generation.  The serpent’s venom no longer poisons the blind in deadly ways, but cures and heals contemplative seers in life-giving ways.  Dissolving confusion, wisdom heals division in the saints, raising blind bones to blazing life.  Destroying destruction, glorification sustains integral wisdom in realms of glory, upholding God’s reign of glory on the Day of the Name, completing integration with integral completeness.