Thrice-holy Name

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The thrice-holy Name of God reveals the Father’s reign with Christ in the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the hallowing commandments of God to love as God first loved God, before the beginning, raising the dead to resurrection in the end, inhabiting uncreated light of glory in between.  Thrice-holy, the Name of Holy Trinity is key to the Spirit’s sevenfold healing of body and soul, revealing the body of spiritual light and its transformation from glory to glory.  The grace of uncreated light severs all seven threatening heads of the dragon, liberating all seven subtle centres of body and soul by raising them to glory, sanctifying them in the saints by overcoming resistant demonic energies with angelic light.  Hallowing the Name transfigures all seven sealed centres into seven living flames of uncreated love.   Sealed wheels are signed with the thrice-holy Name, identifying whom the Name reveals, sealing each wheel with God’s own deifying signature.  Recognition of the One whom the Name reveals is possible only because God reveals God in his Name, beholding God embracing God in Holy Trinity.  

Recognition reconciles contemplative seers to God, opening God’s eye of wisdom in mind and heart, exchanging external garments of skin for garments of uncreated light, unveiling uncreated glory.  Recognition sees who sees, empowered by remembrance of God, remembering God through God, crucifying oblivious neglect.   Prophecy awakens prayer, signing hearts with the sign of the Cross.  Christ blesses his own with the sign of the Cross, which is the Name in its thrice-holy hallowing power.  Crowning unites saints with Christ, unveiling the face of his infinite grace, unceasingly restoring glory to God.  Grace generously blesses those deified by the Name, crowning seers enthroned in glory.  The blind fear glory because for them love burns like a consuming fire, whereas the blind prefer external consolations to the hallowing the Name, which is a Spirit of flame.  Everything is heavenly that comes from heaven, uniting with the heavenly earth.  Satanic delusion tries to reverse or cancel God’s revelation of the Name, but wisdom inverts demonic inversions, redeeming and liberating saints.

The thrice-holy Name dissolves delusion, healing division, uniting God’s earthly heaven with earth’s heavenly earth, cleaving to the Name that mends cosmic brokenness. Clouds of peace descend to meet ascending light, guarding paradise from invasive profanation.  Terror terrorises love to force love to cease to respond to love, hardening hearts with armoured sclerosis.  The fulness of glory completes incompleteness with perfecting completeness, releasing terror into God’s reign of love.  Goodness of grace transfigures being by opening well-being to timeless glory.  The chariot throne of expansive glory soars over fissured chasms of terror, ascending in the Spirit with wings of flame.  Havens of love open enlightened hearts to wisdom, enabling God-centred insight to rise into ascending glory.  Thrice-holy is the Name of names, hallowing saints with showers of grace, unveiling glory in co-inherent communion, revealing glorious completeness hidden within love’s ineffable grace.